about kourture

Kourtney K Prendergast is the creator of kourture and is taking “kourture” to a level of her 1st and foremost love….writing, sharing and inspiring!!!

kourture is a vision of many things, with a focus on organizing, beauty and fashion!

When Kourtney is not busy being a Virtual Concierge during the work week…she is off dreaming up inspiration to share with the world!

With her 15 years in retail management in combination with experience in executive administrative work to a high end dress boutique to social media management…the road lead her to landing a DREAM job as a Virtual Concierge for corporations letting her passion for shopping and organization flourish in her work life!

The creation of kourture has been many years in the making and was officially established in 2012.

With her love of fashion, decorating & organizing being part of her soul…it flows & intertwines in her love for writing!

In February 2019, Kourtney had an epiphany at the Pottery Barn in Oakbrook, IL while conversating with an amazing associate by the name of Rose! She decided on that beautiful winter Saturday afternoon on February 16th, 2019 that the past 11 years of dreaming up kourture was destined to become and there was going to be NO more excuses to stop her!

And with the love & support of her family, she begins this unstoppable journey! The future is limitless, the drive is unstoppable and her passion is a one-of-a-kind type of love that she wants to share with the world!

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