Ravoli ::: my co-pilot, My best friend and a love like no other…

Ravoli…the orange tabby I always wanted and that changed my world forever! He was the ultimate co-pilot that went everywhere I went. He was my whole world, the reason to come home everyday, the reason to love life…he was my everything for 17 AMAZING years!

Ravoli came in to my world with my beloved Tinkerbell, my 1st kitty living on my own! Sadly, Ravoli being a male, wasn’t always in love with Tink like I was LOL!

Tinkerbell was my long haired, drop dead gorgeous, rescued baby that loved me like no other. She never left my side and when I had my migraines, she would always come sit on my head until they were relieved. Her love was a very unique one-of-a-kind unbreakable bond. I miss her everyday, as she passed June of 2017. p.s. she will be featured too down the road on the blog too :)!

I had Ravoli’s name chosen before I ever met him. I got him from a farm in Joliet, IL and from the moment I picked him up, he attached himself to me and never let go!

He was my EVERYTHING! I don’t think I have loved anything more than him! I miss him every SINGLE day! My heart feels a sadness that is just broken. We had an agreement, we would live to be 87 together and then we would call it a day LOL. But, on September 13th, 2019 he was tired and had to give up the fight.

The Polish Prince and I miss him so very much, but for me it’s an unbearable pain. They say time cures all, but I call bull shit and it doesn’t. The time may pass, but the emptiness will never leave.

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