Note to Self : the world needs you!

Every day I do not wake and feel the passion unfortunately. Every day I do not feel the motivation. Every day I cannot always find my happiness.

As kourture unwraps and you follow my stories…you will see my transparency and my need to share with others that not being okay is OK! I want it to be known that it is actually OKAY to “not feel it” maybe that day, that week or maybe even months and ways to work through it and overcome it!

We live in a world where the need to appear “happy” and “everything is so perfect” is so overwhelming and to be quite honest…annoying!

So as the story unfolds, stay with me and enjoy the transparency!

o~x~o kourture #WeAreAllInThisTogether #TheWorldNeedsYou #kourture

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A girl who loves fashion, an intense passion for organization and a love for writing like no other!

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