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Kourtney K Prendergast is the creator of kourture, where she dreams in black and white.

kourture is a vision of many things with a focus for her love of coffee, fashion and inspiring words! She dreams in color in her other lifestyle blog of Glowing Healthy Lifestlye.com; where her passion for organizing, beauty and a healthy life flourishes.

She views life as a flowing novel with endless chapters filled with ups & downs, love, passion, family & friends, whirlwinds, happiness and sadness, excitement and most of all…taking life and living it to the fullest in the most authentic and unapologetic way.

She has no desire to live in impressing others, taking things for granted & most importantly doesn’t believe in the almighty dollar to gain.

The creation of kourture has been many years in the making and was officially established in 2012. The road to May 2020 to really finally commit and begin was filled with many ups & downs and obstacles! But, a turning point mentally changed her focus & perspectives and she realized if she did not begin now…the time may pass and it may never come.

With her love of writing, fashion, decorating & organizing being part of her soul…it flows & intertwines in her love for writing! With so many visions, she needed to create two outlets to let her passion come alive, hence kourture.com and glowinghealthylifestyle.com.

Her past entitles 15 years in retail management in combination with experience in executive administrative work to a high end dress boutique to social media management. She landed her DREAM job in February of 2013 and is a Virtual Concierge with John Paul, letting her passion for shopping and organization flourish in her work life!

She resides in the Chicagoland area with her fiancé, the Polish Prince, as she likes to call him and they are looking forward to a lifetime of happiness filled with endless adventures! Her parents & family are her everything and her love of kitties is an endless love affair!

The future is endless with no limits, the drive is unstoppable and her passion is a one-of-a-kind type of love that she wants to share with the world!

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A girl who loves fashion, an intense passion for organization and a love for writing like no other!

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