Today is your day!

Here we are…

The road has been very long…but I made it today 5/24/2020!

After creating kourture in 2012…today I go full force and begin!

What I have learned…is there is going to be many obstacles along the way, but if you can see, feel and envision your dream…you can do it!

I have realized that my envision of kourture will not be able to encompass all of my passion…in which that it why there will be two divisions of kourture…


kourture will be where my visions play in black & white with my love affair of coffee, fashion and inspiring words.

Glowing Healthy Lifestyle will be where my visions play in color with my love affair of beauty, healthy, fashion and organization.

I so look forward to this next chapter in my novel of life…letting my true passion of writing flow endlessly in an authentic, transparent and unapologetic way.

I hope to inspire, encourage and share thoughts, ideas and words to others…sharing, creating and connecting with others.

We are all in this world together and why not better in sharing in common interests!

Please join me in following my blogs at and and of course all of the social media outlets listed on my sites!

I post daily on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow me there :)!

Cheers to the struggle, Cheers to the HARD dedication, Cheers to NEVER giving up and Cheers to always leaving hope as my anchor!

o~x~o kourture #TodayIsYourDay #DrSeuss #dedication #struggle #NeverGiveUp #hope #kourture #GlowingHealthyLifestyle #sharing

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A girl who loves fashion, an intense passion for organization and a love for writing like no other!

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